The data is in: Men are too fragile to wear COVID-19 masks

Similar research by Middlesex University and the Mathematical Science Research Institute in Berkeley has found that men are less likely than women to wear face masks because they view the masks as embarrassing. According to the study, men are more likely than women to agree with the idea that wearing a mask is “shameful, not cool, a sign of weakness and a stigma”. The study also found that men have higher levels of “negative emotion” while actively wearing a mask.

It gets worse: not wearing a mask hasn’t just become toxic masculinity, it has become a form of weaponised masculinity. Donald Trump has said he is “choosing not to” wear a mask. When Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic, he ignored the safety protocols asking that he wear a face mask. And former pro baseball player and self-described “protector of toxic masculinity” Aubrey Huff tweeted: “I will no longer wear a mask inside any business. It’s unconstitutional to enforce. Let’s make this bullshit stop now! Who’s with me?”

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