The "cancel" crowd should be gunning for "Hamilton"

Ever since its first performance in 2015, the show has been a sold-out success. Audiences loved it. President Barack and Michelle Obama saw it several times and raved about it. But could the original show expect to receive such universal acclaim if it were made today? Unlikely.

In our hyper-woke moment, leftists would find much to criticize in it. It isn’t hard to imagine their criticisms leading to the show’s cancelation. Miranda had previously described actors of color portraying the white Founders as a way of “pulling you into the story and allowing you to leave whatever cultural baggage you have about the Founding Fathers at the door.”

As that “cultural baggage” is running rampant across the country and tearing down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the sympathetic portrayal of both men in the show has, so far, gotten a pass.