2020's biggest difference with 2016: Trump loses the honesty debate

Last time, Trump won the honesty matchup in the most important states. More voters said he was honest and trustworthy in the Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin exit polls. Nationally, Hillary Clinton’s 3-point margin over Trump on the honest and trustworthy question was nearly identical to her 2-point win in the popular vote.

Interestingly, it’s not as if Trump is viewed as any less honest today than four years ago. Only 33% said he was honest and trustworthy in the 2016 exit poll. Today, it’s usually around 35%, depending on the poll.

The difference is that Biden is seen as far more honest than Clinton was. While 36% of voters said Clinton was honest and trustworthy in the exit poll, around 45% to 50% said the same about Biden in any individual poll right now.

It’s also important to make a comparison with where Clinton and Trump were at this point in the campaign.