A Trump loss seems imminent -- with difficulties to follow for conservatives

But as things are currently proceeding, Trump is an electoral anchor on Republican senators and House members. Republican senators are taking Trump out of their ads. In Maine, Susan Collins is in a very tough fight with Sara Gideon. In Colorado, Cory Gardner took office in 2014 as the Obama years were heading into exhaustion. He also ran as an independent-minded Republican and he once called on Trump to drop out of the 2016 race. He’s now in an impossible position of simultaneously trying to enthuse Trump’s base of supporters in 2020, who consider him a potential sell-out, and all the independent voters he needs who want him to sell Trump out. Republicans could lose up to seven or eight seats in the Senate if all goes poorly. Seats in Montana, North Carolina, Kansas, and Arizona could all be lost in a Trump wipeout.

Conservatives must steel themselves for the difficulty losses such as these would impose…

A weak Democratic president standing upon a progressive majority in the House and Senate will be pushed by the media and other powerful influencers to begin a campaign of “de-Trumpification” of the United States government. This means not just ejecting the relatively small number of political appointees by Trump, but finding ways to limit the role of the many judges he appointed across the federal judiciary. We should anticipate calls to overthrow the “Trump judiciary,” via court-packing or other means.