Never Trumpers cross line with party operatives by targeting GOP senators

“It’s ridiculous to claim that a Republican-backed effort would try to flip the Senate to the Democrats,” veteran GOP communications strategist Matt Mackowiak told Fox News. “There are basically zero Republicans in the country that want to see a Democratic Senate.”

“If they were just focused on Trump, that would be one thing,” said Mackowiak, who supports the president.

He charged that “to me, it proves that this is a Democratic-funded effort. These operatives are being used to advance the Democrats’ political agenda. They’re going to wrap themselves in moral superiority but the net effect of all this is that they’re giving Democrats everything they want and they’re spending Democratic donor money to do it.”

Brian Walsh argued that The Lincoln Project is “taking it too far. If you’re also grouping in Republican senators who could rightfully serve as a necessary check and balance if the White House changes hands in November. It’s hard to understand the strategy behind saying you’re inherently a Republican organization but you want to give full control of the government to the Democrats in November.”