How conservatives sustain CNN

In a time of crisis, the lighthearted Cuomo brothers banter had its place. But as the crisis progressed, CNN became the place that covered for any Andrew Cuomo misdeed. Chris brought him on to project the impression that everything was under control. This was at a time when NY nursing homes were being forced to accept COVID-positive patients and the subways were, weeks into the pandemic, still not being sanitized.

A certain cadre of CNN personalities exists only to antagonize conservatives and Chris is among them. Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy and Chris Cillizza see almost all of their online engagement from people on the right telling them they’re horrible. Click on any of their popular tweets and there won’t be anyone on the left engaging with them whatsoever. The whole point is to get ratio’d. The shtick works because, hey, hits are hits. This isn’t a conspiracy theory: it’s a blatant truth…

In response, Dylan Byers, the senior media reporter at NBC News & MSNBC tweeted ‘Not going to weigh in on “news” vs “self referential reality TV” debate, but will add this: So long as people are talking about CNN the mood inside CNN is that CNN is winning, or at least doing something right. Cable news is a business and it measures itself on ratings/engagement’.