A victory or a landslide?

That’s . . . the plan? Trump is down double-digits. 125,000 Americans—and counting—are dead. The economy is in the crapper. And Trump 2020’s big plan is to send in . . . Jared?

It’s one thing for down-ballot Republicans to walk the plank for Trump when he’s Making America Great And Stuff. But the real loyalty is whether or not they take their lumps when Trump is so checked out that he turns the party’s entire electoral future over to Jared Forking Kushner.

Even so, I have every confidence that Republican candidates will pass this test. They’ll drink the Kool-Aid.

Because that’s what Republican voters want them to do.

In a sense, I don’t even really blame the elected members of the GOP. Like Donald Trump himself, they’re just a lagging indicator. This is what the Republican party base wants now because this is what the Republican party base is.