Can Joe Biden really hide through Election Day?

It seems unimaginable that Americans will elect a man who is afraid to speak to them. They may hate Trump, and they may blame him for the nation’s troubles, but can they actually vote for a candidate unable to hold his own in public?

Biden is not home free. Strategists have noted he needs a huge turnout to win. He won’t get that unless he can gin up excitement among Democrats – excitement which is clearly lacking today.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert after the infamous interview with Biden, Charlamagne tha God implored the candidate to work harder, and especially for black votes. “We just know that there were 4.4 million registered voters who showed up in 2012 but didn’t show up in 2016, and a third of them are black. So there’s no guarantee they’re going to show up this year. So you really have to give them a reason to show up.”

It isn’t just the black community that may need to hear more from Biden. In the recent Kentucky primary, Biden carried only 58 percent of Democrat votes; Donald Trump won 98 percent of GOP votes.