Conservatives begging for social media regulations should be careful what they wish for

Conservatives shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Tech companies offer powerful free resources to amplify their message that could easily be regulated away by hostile government bureaucrats. Studies have shown that conservative Facebook pages get higher engagement than liberal ones. Meanwhile on YouTube, conservative personality Dennis Prager recently broke one billion views while others such as Ben Shapiro and Stephen Crowder have been able to build entire companies around their audiences.

There’s a natural instinct to be skeptical of big companies such as America’s top tech firms, and skepticism towards power is healthy. However, Section 230 also protects small startups, and the government is the ultimate powerful institution. Using its destructive powers to bring the hammer down on what has been a thriving internet will only end in disaster for America’s tech companies, big and small.

At a time when the progressive mob feels emboldened to “cancel” seemingly anyone for a minor offense, conservatives should not be so naive as to think that the government will always act in their favor. It hasn’t in the past, and it won’t at some point in the future.