We can't let the outrage mob win

You see, this isn’t about taking down offensive messages or symbols. These mobs didn’t suddenly stumble upon some forgotten and offensive historical anecdote, or reach their wits’ end after seeing Aunt Jemima on the grocery-store shelf just one too many times. No, this was a deliberate hijacking of a tragedy. The touchy sympathies of “political correctness” were always just a base from which to launch a cultural revolution, a purge of traditional American narratives and icons.

It’s about time we all woke up to it.

Liberals, naively tolerant of the mob, are always the first victims. Eager to appear as progressive allies, they give inch after inch until they’ve completely compromised the values they claim to stand for. Conservatives tried to warn our liberal friends. We tried to tell them that decades of identity politics and increasing flirtation with far-left ideology would end up here. Now, they have been trampled over completely by radical progressives, purged from the New York Times opinion section, from academia, and from Congress.