The woke breaking point

But, maybe it has to hit closer to home. Ask: Where is the line? Would it have to be personal? Do they have to be personally denounced a racist? Subjected to an “Antiracist” Struggle Session? Fire? Would it take destroying the thing they love? Their family? Their kids? Their job or career? Their hobby? Their life’s passion? What is it? What’s too far? We have to start asking, and it hardly matters if their breaking point is something selfish. People need to grapple with this. Even if all they can think about is themselves or their closest friends and family, at least they’re thinking about it.

For a close friend of mine, who is quite Woke still but not at all “all in,” we had to go quite far to find an absolute line. He has one. Should I, or other people he’s close to and knows don’t deserve it, get doxxed or start receiving credible death threats for standing up to Wokeness, that will apparently do it (does anybody deserve this, though?). Seems a little extreme to me that my own life would have to be on the line before he’d think surely this is getting out of hand, but at least he has a line. At least he’s thinking about it.

The people you ask should be able to find a Woke breaking point and name it, though, and if not, they need to be pressed on that point. That’s serious. They need to be asked: what does it mean that you can’t imagine this going too far? Maybe it spurs no reflection. The “right side of history” is, after all, quite the Greater Good, but even this is something they need to face up to, if it’s the case. Maybe that, at least, would get them thinking about it.