Poll: Republicans, Democrats move even further apart in coronavirus concerns

A growing share of Republicans believe that the nation has turned a corner in its struggle with the coronavirus. A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (61%) now say that when thinking about the problems facing the country from the coronavirus, “the worst is behind us,” while 38% say the “worst is still to come.” This marks a reversal of opinion since early April, when a majority of Republicans (56%) said the worst was still to come.

By contrast, just 23% of Democrats and Democratic leaners say that the worst is behind us when it comes to problems from the coronavirus; more than three times as many Democrats (76%) say the worst is still to come. This is a more modest change from April, when an even larger majority of Democrats (87%) said the worst was still to come.

Among the public overall, health concerns from the coronavirus have changed little over the past two months: 62% are very or somewhat concerned they might unknowingly spread the coronavirus to others, including 30% who are very concerned about this, while 51% are concerned that they will get the coronavirus and require hospitalization (24% are very concerned).