"I don’t care. Pick Sarah Palin. I’ll be for her too."

Whoever he picks –and I love these answers, “of course I’ll do it!”– that is the correct answer.

If the country calls you, you answer the call. And I hear that from Senator Warren, Senator Harris… across the board. And whoever he calls, whoever he calls, then that is going to be who I’m with. And I have no doubt that he’s going to pick someone he’s comfortable with.

He’s not a very gimmicky kind of person, and I don’t think people are looking for a gimmicky president.

I’ve said before in a kind of exaggerated way, I don’t care. Pick Sarah Palin. I’ll be for her too. I just want to win this thing. But he has some excellent choices to choose from, and whoever he does, it’s all pre-cleared with me. And it should be pre-cleared with every Democrat in this country, every Independent, every Never Trumper. That’s good. Throw the switch, let’s go to post.

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