Andrew Cuomo’s ridiculous order for out-of-staters to quarantine

But Cuomo wants to play tough — indeed, to play Big Brother: “You fly into New York, we’ll have your name, we’ll know where you’re supposed to be staying,” Cuomo told CNN. “There’ll be random checks,” and “we’ll have inspectors who are randomly looking at names on the [flight lists] and following up to make sure you’re quarantining. And if you’re not, then you’re in violation of the law, and you will have a mandatory quarantine, and you’ll be fined” — $10,000.

How many resources will the state throw into that wild-goose chase? Enough to find a few sacrificial lambs, perhaps, but not enough to win broad compliance.

This is blatantly about his feud with Florida: For years, Cuomo’s been jousting with Sunshine State govs about everything from taxes to business climate to pandemic policy.

He’s particularly sore that Florida did a far better job of protecting nursing-home patients from the coronavirus than New York. So now that Florida’s seeing rising COVID-19 rates, Cuomo pounces.