Welcome to the Summer of Slay, America

To be sure, the Empire State wasn’t unique. In Chicago, police reported 102 shootings over the Father’s Day holiday — 14 fatal, including a 3-year-old boy. But you need a mechanical clicker to keep track of Chicago, so the weekend toll is likely to be higher.

Elsewhere, 11 were reported shot, with one fatality, in both Minneapolis and Detroit — and bullets were flying around Philadelphia, Baltimore and most of the rest of urban America.

While each state is unique, it is fair to look at New York as a laboratory, with Albany’s utterly otherworldly surrender to public-safety nihilism exacerbated by timorous, low-impact policing policies ­embraced at the local level.

Whether the new ways are working depends on your perspective: If the point is to keep the anarchists and activists quiet, in a cynical sort of way, they are. But if they are meant to keep citizens safe, it’s all an ­absurd charade.