Source: Jared and Ivanka "pissed" at Parscale over his rally crowd size predictions

Donors and friends of the President also have been fuming Sunday in the wake of Trump’s poorly-attended rally, a person involved with the reelection effort told CNN.

The person said blame from this camp has focused squarely on Parscale, of whom some had already been skeptical. But some donors and allies feel the rally debacle — in which the campaign made a decision to inflate expectations about enthusiasm for the rally rather than manage them at a reasonable level — threw into sharp relief the existing management problems on the campaign, the person said.

“What happened last night is representative of a much bigger problem,” the person noted.

As CNN has reported, some Republicans working with the campaign had grown concerned that the reelection team has not adapted quickly enough to the shifting political landscape ahead of November — with the global pandemic and national movement for racial justice continuing to tilt the race away from the one campaign aides were initially planning to run.