Trump navigates a DACA dilemma with mixed messages after Supreme Court defeat

Some prominent Trump backers say he has more to lose by leaving DACA alone.

“The president would pay a greater political cost for not pursuing the DACA wind-down, because in the past couple months he’s been pretty weak and perceived as weak by his own supporters,” said Mark Krikorian, an activist for cutting immigration who leads the Center for Immigration Studies.

“He’s in real danger of demoralizing his supporters by showing weakness and impotence,” he said. “And not pursuing this could reinforce that. That’s a greater danger than somehow being seen as mean and heartless for revoking this program. Anybody who thinks that already doesn’t like him.”

A CBS News poll in 2018 showed 87 percent of Americans want brought unlawfully as children to be allowed to stay in the U.S. A Pew Research Center poll this month showed 74 percent believe they should receive permanent legal status.