"If today is the day I die, today is the day I die"

“I don’t fear anything. If today is the day I die, today is the day I die,” said Riniker, 62, who drove to Tulsa from his home in Arkansas earlier this week to attend what he said was his first political rally since Ronald Reagan was running for office. “I’m not paranoid, I’m not afraid.”…

“I think [the coronavirus] has been hyped up more than it is.There’s flu, there’s cancer, there’s COVID-19,” said Mary Legan of Claremore, Oklahoma, adding that she brought a fanny pack full of hand sanitizer and masks for her and her husband, Ken. Neither were sure if they would wear masks the whole time while inside the arena, commenting on how uncomfortable they can be, especially when it is hot out.

“When you’re in your 70s, you can’t go hide in your basement. You don’t have that many more years,” Legan said. “If Trump felt comfortable having it here, then I’m comfortable.”