Trump "couldn’t give a s***" about China rounding up millions of Muslims

Throughout his presidency, nine current and former senior administration officials say, Trump has exhibited a callous indifference to what has been described as crimes against humanity and cultural genocide taking place in China’s western Xinjiang province.

“He couldn’t give a shit,” said a former senior Trump administration official, who’s been in the room when Trump has discussed the Uighur crisis. This official added that in their experience, “there has never been any indication when the issue comes up that the president cares or is even making any effort to fake it.”…

One current administration official said that Trump will, at times, show signs of fleeting concern or a peep of outrage in private meetings. But the source added that this is typically undercut by his limited attention span. This official recounted that during one policy discussion early last year, when the Uighur Muslims came up, President Trump interjected: “How is that our problem?”

“It was clear to most based off my conversations with the national security team that the president couldn’t care less about this,” one former Republican national security official said, referring to the Uighur camps.