New 2020 electoral college ratings

Michigan moves from Toss Up to Lean Democrat, while Iowa and Ohio move from Likely Republican to a more competitive Lean Republican category.

This means there are 248 Electoral votes in the Lean to Solid Democratic category and 204 Electoral votes in Lean to Solid Republican. There are 86 Electoral votes in Toss Up. To win the Electoral College, Biden would need to win just 26 percent of those Toss Up states/districts, while Trump would need to win over 75 percent of them. In other words, Trump has little room for error, while Biden has a wider path to winning.

Ohio and Iowa were once considered the gold-standard swing states. In the era of Trump, however, they have looked less swingy and more safely Republican. Trump carried both states in 2016. In 2018, Republicans won governorships in both states.