Florida’s top Democrat purges "inner circle" after police escort her fiancé from hotel

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried dismissed three top aides just before midnight Thursday, citing their complaints that her fiancé was “abusive” to her during a weekend argument at a Fort Lauderdale resort where police escorted him off the property…

Her fiancé, medical marijuana entrepreneur Robert “Jake” Bergmann, in a text to POLITICO said he was not abusive to Fried.

Tensions in Fried’s political operation have brewed for months over her sometimes-stormy romantic relationship, according to Johnson, who said he decided to speak out because he was concerned about Fried’s well-being.

“Nikki Fried has unlimited potential for what she can do, personally and as a politician,” Johnson said in an interview. “I think what has happened with her in this relationship is causing her to not be able to function, and eventually it could get her very, very hurt. On many occasions, she has described to me and other senior staff her relationship as mentally abusive, and on Saturday she called it physically abusive.”