India says its soldiers were mutilated after being beaten to death by Chinese troops

On Monday these skirmishes boiled over into a full-scale brawl atop a ridge-line above the Galwan River, with many men said to have died after plunging into the frigid glacial waters below.

‘They came hurtling down like free-falling objects,’ one source told AFP. Postmortem examinations on those killed showed that the ‘primary reason for death is drowning and it looks like they fell from a height into the water because of head injuries,’ an official told AFP…

The Indians attacked the Chinese outpost with ferocity and, according to their accounts, seriously wounded around 60 PLA soldiers.

All of this took place in the river valley and lasted well over three hours, despite attempts by a Chinese brigadier to wave the white flag.

Club-like weapons and rocks featured heavily in the battle and for this reason many of the troops are said to have sustained grievous head wounds.