Virgina race another lesson in Trump-era GOP cruelty

Riggleman was, by every possible measure, a Republican in good standing. He was endorsed by Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. He voted with Trump and the GOP leadership 95 percent of the time. And when gay issues came up for a vote, Riggleman sided with social conservatives. He voted against a resolution condemning Trump’s ban on allowing transgender people to serve in the military and Democratic efforts to include sexual orientation and gender as protected classes in anti-discrimination law.

Yet none of that mattered, because of the wedding photo.

In an interview last week, Good tried to conjure other reasons for the primary, pointing a reporter to Riggleman’s rating from ivoterguide as proof that he was not conservative on issues other than gay marriage. The weird part was that this extremely janky random website gives Riggleman a 95 percent conservative rating and the only three issues it lists as his apostasies are: (1) officiating the gay wedding; (2) supporting a compromise bill on wall funding (that Trump signed); and (3) opposing the abandonment of the Kurds in Syria.

So. The wall compromise was Trump-approved. And supporting the Kurds was the actual conservative position. Which really just leaves one thing, which isn’t even an “issue.”