Trump vs. Biden and our yearning for "normalcy"

We are aching for normal, whatever that means anymore. I suppose the 2020 election will come down to which candidate will ­restore a sense of normalcy. Joe Biden’s entire candidacy has been premised on “making America 2015 again,” as the satirist Marty Beckerman has put it. But can a Biden ­beholden to an ever-more-bonkers left deliver normalcy?

President Trump’s official slogan is “Keep America Great.” Yet his unofficial one, seen on signs in some states, is: “Trump 2020: No More Bulls - - t.”

We know what Biden means by normalcy: no late-night presidential tweet threats or fights picked with members of the media or his own party. But we also intrinsically understand what the Trump campaign might mean with its call to resist bulls - - t. The Seattle comrades forming an “autonomous” zone, and the Minneapolis ones calling for disbanding the police, fit the bill perfectly.

We shall see which idea of normal will win come November.