Trump the superspreader?

Instead of working to stop the virus — or at least contain it — Trump is throwing a party for himself. The inaction is terrible enough, but proceeding with a rally at this point might exacerbate the outbreak in and around Tulsa. The president is endangering the health of his supporters, and everybody who comes in contact with them, so he can relive his glory days.

How irresponsible. How selfish. How wrong.

It’s true that Trump isn’t the only American ignoring safety precautions. There are worries that the “Black Lives Matter” protests could create new outbreaks across the nation, and some people are ignoring social distancing guidelines to have fun.

The president, however, is supposed to be more responsible. He is supposed to set an example. If only for his own political survival, one might think Trump would do more to curb the virus and less to put his own supporters at risk.