“You’re wasting my time!”

This led to approximately 13 minutes of explosive dialogue where Ellis complained about Stelter’s questions and threatened to sue the network over anti-Trump opinion pieces. She continued to lob numerous insults at CNN while Stelter continued to call out her untrue claims, and asked her how the Trump campaign is going to sue over an opinion.

Stelter attempted to move the fruitless conversation along by asking if the Trump campaign is trying to loosen up libel laws to go after opinions they don’t like, which he called an “inappropriate” publicity stunt for their “anti-media agenda.” Ellis continued to claim CNN’s opinion pieces are not protected by the First Amendment, to which, Stelter brushed off her threats and said “let’s see what happens in court.”

The two continued to battle over the Trump campaign’s strategy, and eventually, Stelter arrived at Trump’s false claims about the elderly man who was pushed down by Buffalo police. As Ellis claimed Trump is “all about truth and facts,” Stelter realized the situation was futile and told her “you’re wasting my time.”