Retired NYPD spokesman says "we killed Eric Garner" in emotional post

“In writing this post I’m fully aware that some of my cop friends may call me a traitor, a hypocrite or even un follow me,” DeBonis wrote.

“I’m ok with that because if you don’t agree with what I’m about to say then we definitely don’t see eye to eye when it comes to policing.”

DeBonis said Garner’s bust for peddling untaxed smokes “was legal, the initial forced [sic] used to stop him from resisting was fine, but in the end … WE PUNISHED HIM FOR RESISTING ARREST … WE WATCHED HIM DIE … WE DIDN’T EVEN SIT HIM UP AND RENDER HIM BASIC AID.”

He added: “It was a horrible injustice that is forever a part of our history. … I’m a hypocrite for saying this now, because I didn’t say it publicly then, but WE ALL need to hold ourselves accountable.”