The left throws Trump a lifeline

Such impressive solidarity makes me question once again the lack of concern the U.S. left has for the suffering of millions in Venezuela, or for the Uighur concentration camps in China. Tearing down the statues of slave owners who died 200 years ago is one thing, but what of the countries where slavery is still very much alive today? There are tens of thousands of slaves in Mauritania alone, a country that was recently named to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. Instead, most human rights watchers on the left side of the aisle spend their time complaining about the United States and Israel. They target not those whose abuses are the worst, but those who are most likely to make concessions, a shallow tactic that deepens inequality.

The far left’s lifeline to Trump also includes radical proposals like “defund the police” and targeting moderate Democratic candidates. Just when challenger Amy McGrath had Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the ropes in Kentucky — Kentucky! — Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed her progressive competitor. McGrath will still win the primary, but she’ll have been pushed to the left and forced to provide fodder for McConnell’s general election ads in a state Trump won by 30 points.

Such acts of sabotage inside the Democratic Party are Trump’s only hope in November. Many lifelong Republicans have turned on Trump and are openly endorsing Biden, a unique moment. However, if the Dems cannot control their left flank, it will look to many like the contest between extremes Trump wants it to be.