The trouble with Candace

The trouble with Candace is that her first instinct is not to empower black people, but to indict us. She engages in victim-blaming at its worst. Instead of at least trying to understand the outrage at the racially motivated murder of Ahmaud Arbery, she spent an inordinate amount of time talking about his troubled past, his motivations, and justifying the armed response of the perpetrators. She spent almost no time talking about the past of the murderers. If that’s not blatant pandering, it’s at least grossly ignorant. How are black people supposed to take that? Are we really motivating struggling black Americans to seek a new path forward by blaming the victim of a racial crime for his own demise?…

How on earth does that do a damn thing to empower the black community? She spends so much time complaining that left-wing media ignores the voices of black conservatives who have decided the Democrat party no longer represents them but then immediately and joyfully invalidates the voices of millions of black people asking to be heard.

It’s infuriating. Not only does it make her look bad, it forces the rest of us black folks on the right into the unenviable position of being associated with her beliefs. The left-wing media never makes any attempt to parse out the nuances of black thought. We’re stuck on Candace’s plantation by association.