Republicans who prefer Biden could swing the election

But The Lincoln Project isn’t the only ship-of-the-line in what has become a highly effective force of privateers targeting the Trumpist fleet with varying techniques.

Republican Voters Against Trump is a project of Defending Democracy Together, a 501(c)(4) advocacy group founded by a group of ex-GOP operatives, politicians, and media figures who once constituted the upper crust of the Republican establishment, including Christine Todd Whitman, the ex-New Jersey governor and George W Bush-era EPA boss; Linda Chavez, once the highest ranking woman in the Reagan White House; former New Hampshire GOP Chair Jennifer Horn; and Sarah Longwell, a longtime GOP consultant and former national board chair of the Log Cabin Republicans.

While The Lincoln Project seeks to mobilize persuadable GOP-leaning voters (and take up space in Trump’s head) with the sort of unsparing, hard-hitting ads once feared by Democrats, RVAT is doing the hard work of persuasion with a peer-to-peer campaign featuring ex-Trump voters and ex-Republicans who speak directly to their former allies.