"Freaking awful": OANN in turmoil after Trump cites report on injured Buffalo protester

The ensuing backlash over what is widely being billed as a conspiracy theory has permeated the OANN newsroom.

“Several people in the newsroom spoke out about the story,” one employee, who was granted anonymity for fear of retribution, told the Washington Examiner.

Another source who was given anonymity told the Washington Examiner that they “do not personally believe Gugino has ties to antifa.”

“I’m seeing how much response this is all getting on Twitter right now, and it’s freaking awful. This feels awful. My coworkers and I do so much work, and one writer, one conspiracy story throws all of that out of the window, and it damages all of us who actually see a future beyond OAN. I’m worried the next news director I send my reel out to will only see ‘OAN’ on my resume and throw it in the trash. How is that fair when all I’ve done is credible reporting during my time here? A lot of my coworkers feel the same,” the source added, noting that a “large majority” of the newsroom felt the same.