Americans don't kneel

Seeing Americans surrender to this authoritarian tactic, willingly, is retch-inducing. It’s bad enough to see powerless people forced into submission (an abject evil). What of the people using submission to enhance their own power, as Nancy Pelosi and her African-larping loons did in Congress? Are they masochistic? No way. They love to use coercion as a tactic and so bend the knee to justify their desire to force every American who disagrees with them to be obeisant to them and their ideology. They’re leading the way.

The Left (yes, Antifa, and yes, BLM, the communist movement) wants to see all of America cower, bow, scrape, and beg for forgiveness for their existence and for crimes they never committed. They hate their own country. They want, as Barack Obama said, to remake America. To transform it into a communist society. They hate anyone who disagrees with them. They are willing to use the traumas of anyone, even a dead man, to fortify their power.

They don’t care about the black business and homeowners in burned-out cities. They breezily use these people for their political ends. If black people and other minorities must live in razed ghettos, it’s fine so long as they possess power.

Making people bow is icing on the cake. It’s psychopathic and evil.