Trump's latest attempt to tag Biden as a radical flops

While progressives weren’t in an uproar over Biden’s stance, some were unhappy, calling his reaction rash, short-sighted, and saying he needed to spend more time listening.

“The current notion of policing in America must be dismantled. And that is why you see city councils like Minneapolis and other elected bodies on the local and state level doing just that,” said former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner. “So for the vice president to reject the notion out of hand is showing a tone-deafness that the black community certainly can’t afford for anybody vying for the presidency to have.”

Scott Roberts, senior director of criminal justice campaigns for the racial justice organization Color Of Change, called Biden’s comments “disappointing.”

“I feel like it’s not a reaction that’s rooted in a lot of reflection, frankly,” Roberts said. “I don’t know that Sen. Biden has taken the time to talk to groups that are leading this charge to defund the police.”