What Never Trumpers deserve: The thanks of a grateful nation, and nothing more

Democrats should feel zero obligation to put a Never Trumper in the Cabinet or on any federal court. Maybe Wilson should get a Kennedy Center Honor for coming up with “Cheeto Jesus,” but that’s it.

No olive branch should be offered beyond a joint effort to reform the executive power that allowed a bunker inspector like Trump to veer the presidency so close to dictatorship. Any appeasement beyond that could be disastrous…

You could argue that Never Trumpers could have swung the election and prevented this Trumpocaplyse, but Obama voters who stayed home or voted third party — voters who are disproportionately young or black — are the largest group of voters the party missed out on in 2016. And these will be the voters to whom Biden owes the presidency, should he win.

It’s easy to forget that the few Never Trumpers left would love it if Never-Trumpers-turned-Always-Trumpers Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz were president. Conway was a key Brett Kavanaugh defender. And many of these guys worked for and still revere both George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, the greatest foreign policy disaster of the century.