Leftists are in firm control at the New York Times

But if Sulzberger thinks he has appeased his in-house mob, he will soon learn there is no limit to progressives’ lust for power. Whatever you give them, it’s never enough.

Now that he’s shown he can be rolled, pressure will grow on the young publisher to silence anyone at the paper who doesn’t endorse the notion that America is and ­always was a gigantic system of oppression, with white men holding everyone else down.

The view that America is racist to its core was part of the complaint against Cotton — that his support for troops puts black people at risk, including Times reporters. The outrageous claim proves the staff is anti-military as well as anti-police.

Not incidentally, the idea that America was born out of racism and slavery is the centerpiece of the paper’s misbegotten 1619 Project. It has been roundly denounced by eminent historians, black and white, for presenting a simplistic and error-ridden version of the nation’s founding.

But the Times is no longer restricted by facts and reality. Its oppression narrative guides front-to-back coverage on everything, from politics to business to sports to entertainment.