The backlash is building

State-level lockdown orders still have the force of law. An individual business owner might try to defy them, but that individual will still be subject to removal orders, summonses, municipal-court appearances, and fines. It was already painfully obvious that lockdown was enforceable only as long as the group that defied those orders was small enough to disperse. These protests have demonstrated that it isn’t just having the right politics that matter to our most performative lockdown proponents—it’s the size of your crowd.

This is not the rule of law. Whether or not these orders are applied is contingent upon the power of the forces arrayed against them. If that power is sufficient, the force of law is null. But what are America’s law-abiding citizens to do when it seems so evident that the law applies only to them?

These are America’s stakeholders. They do not gather in numbers sufficient to overrule the restrictions on their lives and livelihoods. They do not commit vandalism and property destruction. They do not hold the system they believe in hostage. They have only two options to register their disapproval—vote or leave. But rest assured, their disapproval is rising.