Trump World thrilled that their terrible poll numbers aren’t worse

“Obviously you would prefer to see Trump winning big in every swing state right now but if you put things into context and consider that we have 40 million Americans unemployed, a deadly virus, and race riots [and] protests unfolding currently, and he’s still within the margin of error in every battleground state, it’s tough to feel like the sky is falling,” said a source close to the White House. “It’s hard to imagine the environment getting tougher for him than it is today, so if I were the Biden campaign, especially as the economy improves, I would be very concerned that the president is still clearly in the game.”…

But inside the White House, the feeling is that the bottom hasn’t fallen out—not yet, at least. One senior White House official said that their “nightmare scenario” is if the president were to dip below the low-40s in public and internal polling, which would signal that his durable base and range of support was starting to dent.

“Until then, I’m not a doomsayer,” this official added.

Trump himself also seems pleasantly surprised. On Thursday, he held multiple meetings at the White House with senior officials in his administration and from his re-election team, including campaign manager Brad Parscale and his son-in-law and top White House aide Jared Kushner. According to a person familiar with one of the meetings with president, Trump marveled at how stable his base had stayed in the current data given everything in the news lately and how negative the press coverage has been. (Trump specifically stressed that the media coverage had been even worse than it usually is.)