People are sawing through and climbing over Trump’s border wall

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has asked contractors for help making President Trump’s border wall more difficult to climb over and cut through, an acknowledgment that the design currently being installed across hundreds of miles of the U.S.-Mexico boundary remains vulnerable…

CBP has not said publicly how often smuggling crews have breached or attempted to breach the structure. Records obtained by The Post via the Freedom of Information Act indicate there were 18 breaches in the San Diego area during a single one-month period last fall. The San Diego area has some of the most formidable barriers along the entire border, and construction of new double-layered fencing there is largely complete.

Smuggling crews have nonetheless managed to saw through the steel bollards using commercially available demolition tools such as reciprocating saws with inexpensive metal-cutting blades. Others have fashioned long, improvised ladders out of cheap metal rebar. More athletic border-jumpers have been seen using rope ladders to climb up the wall, sliding down the other side by gripping the bollards like a fireman’s pole.

The CBP request for information says the agency is looking for new ways to stop them.