Former Marine commandant: "The time for being silent has passed"

“I cannot get out my mind the lack of emotion on the faces of the officers as Mr. Floyd said repeatedly, ‘I can’t breathe.’ And all this transpiring while others called out for the officers to let him up, though none physically intervened,” Neller wrote.

“At the same time, it is with some understanding but again sadness I watch the destruction of neighborhoods in our Nation as demonstrators, most local citizens, but including some professional agitators, express their anger and frustration over another killing of a black man by police that, to the great majority of Americans it was clear, did not have to die. At the same time some violate the law by attacking police, looting and burning businesses in their communities, many of which are unlikely to return or rebuild. You are justifiably angry.”…

“The time for being silent has passed, at least for me,” Neller wrote. Calling the aftermath of Floyd’s death a “turning point for change,” Neller offered his thoughts on the path forward with messages individually tailored toward white and black Americans, police officers, national political and cultural leaders, and racists, which he said were “on the wrong side of history.”