Trump team: Whatever happened to social distancing?

“It wasn’t long ago that Democrats and the media claimed that Republican governors reopening their economies were putting their citizens at risk and had ‘blood on their hands,’” Trump campaign deputy press secretary Courtney Parella told RealClearPolitics. “But now? Nothing but crickets about the thousands of protesters not wearing masks or social distancing.”

“None of those facts fit their narrative. We’ve been told to stay home, social distance, and wear a mask,” the campaign spokeswoman continued, “but the streets are open for violent riots?”…

Public protests, even when peaceful, do not lend themselves to social distancing, and joining arms in common cause can inadvertently spread the virus. It was enough to frighten Deborah Birx.

“I worry terribly about the peaceful protests. I see some wearing masks. I see some others not wearing masks,” the White House Coronavirus response coordinator told PBS. “And so, we are really trying to work with each of the mayors to expand testing availability over the next week or two, so that the individuals who are involved in the peaceful protests can get tested.”