Only this can save Dems from defeat in 2020

However, the political risk to Democrats is becoming associated with the riots that have erupted in the wake of these tragedies and moving too far left in response, which would result in the party losing the White House and risking their House majority.

In order to mitigate this risk, I propose the party follow a three-point plan.

First, Democrats must emphasize unity, which involves both parties working together, not polarization and division.

Second, Democrats must put forth legislation that is focused on underserved communities of color, which should be accomplished through a bold fourth stimulus bill that will get the economy moving by emphasizing business assistance and job creation…

Third, while Democrats can and should stand up for peaceful protests, they must draw a clear line at violence and civil disobedience, as well as looting, which we are seeing night after night. Further, Democrats must emphasize that violent protesters should and will be punished, and the party needs to mediate far-left voices that say otherwise.