If protesters can march, why can’t businesses open?

The protests have exposed the absurdity of the continued lockdowns. It’s either a public-health emergency and crowds must be stopped or it’s not. It cannot be both.

On Sunday, as protests continued in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a video circulated online of a city sheriff just a few avenues away giving tickets to open stores on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn.

None of this makes any sense anymore. The jig is up, the lockdown is over, our elected officials just need to catch up.

The unrest in our streets is undeniably tied to people being locked in their homes indefinitely, many with no jobs to return to. There’s a reason the protests are hitting so hard in New York City, nowhere near Minneapolis, the actual site of George Floyd’s killing, and that’s because we remain in this perpetual lockdown with hardly an end in sight.