The media's riot defenders

If peaceful armed protesters are voicing frustration with a lockdown, as happened in Democratic darling Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s state of Michigan, they see anarchy. But when smashed windows and mutilated civilians can be contorted into an issue of “racial justice,” then fealty to their hard-left ideology trumps any concern for safety or sanity.

The Times now publishes calls for defunding police nationwide. The editorial board on which Rosenthal once sat cannot muster a denunciation free of qualifiers and compromise. In place of clear-eyed condemnations comes the incessant refrain that rioting and looting are lamentable, but the result of legitimate grievance. Those same grievances, they argue, can only be addressed through aggressive federal investigations, the stripping of legal protections for cops and, of course, voting for Democrats.

One Times newsletter writer on Tuesday described President Donald Trump’s promise to end the violence as “a harsh crackdown on protesters demanding racial justice” and excused rioting as “often nonviolent, sometimes bloody protests.” A Times tech reporter showed more concern with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s unwillingness to use his company to send virtue signals.