Keep Trump on Twitter. Each indefensible tweet is a reminder of the stakes this fall.

First, removing Trump from Twitter would not only play into his constant whining that the world is out to get him, it would also serve to confirm to millions of other people that Twitter is nothing but a liberal playground. And they would have a point. Yes, Twitter has every right to kick Trump off the platform, and were he not the president, they probably would have done so already. And Trump’s threats against Twitter are a reminder that he has no respect for the First Amendment. (Or the next couple of dozen after it, for that matter.)…

This leads to the second reason to leave Trump on Twitter. This is a president who does not read or write very much, if at all. This is not Ronald Reagan, penning entries by the hundreds into his diary, or George H.W. Bush dictating his thoughts onto a tape recorder for posterity. Trump’s Twitter account is the closest thing we’re going to have to a presidential record when he is gone, and there should be no way to whitewash that record by deleting it or cutting it short.

The fact that Trump’s tweets are policy and a record constitute a third, and crucial, reason for leaving his account active. Trump’s tweets undermine the ability of his own staff to dissemble and lie about what’s going on in the White House.