I don't know that this helps the president

Using the Bible for a photo-op at a church after having tear gas fired off at nonviolent protestors to clear a path will win the President the votes of people who are already going to vote for him. He had the opportunity to move the needle with persuadable voters in a significant way and he did not.

I’m just not sure what the strategy is. The man who is not a dictator and has no real power to call out the military to suppress riots took a dictator-like walk to a church and said he had the power to use the military in ways he cannot unless the governors ask him.

It baffles me. I would prefer most of the policies that have come from this administration to continue as opposed to the policies and nominees we would get from the Biden Administration. It just seems there is no strategy and that is the strategy. But a strategy that consists of day to day winging it can work against Hillary Clinton, the only politician more hated in American politics than Donald Trump. It probably can’t work against Joe Biden, a man a lot of people like even if they don’t necessarily want to support him.