Chaos is now Donald Trump’s biggest threat

Recall that China showed its willingness to meddle in our elections by commissioning anti-Trump articles and ads in the Midwest before the 2018 midterms, and we should expect more of the same as it tries to help defeat Trump and elect Biden. US officials also say Chinese hackers are engaged in cyber attacks against us and our allies.

It’s possible that some or all of these developments will break in Trump’s favor. The riots and looting, for example, are not likely to move independent voters to Biden, and becoming China’s preferred candidate might hurt him more than it helps. At the least, it will bring new focus to Hunter Biden’s business there.

Similarly, the opposition of Big Tech can be seen as another example of the media abandoning their standards to defeat Trump, and thus energize his supporters.

Still, the growing sense of chaos in the country is an unpredictable factor that could determine the November outcome. In about five months, we will know if President Houdini can pull off another great escape.