The case for Klobuchar

This is not the election for the kind of politician who campaigns on the notion that normal life is horrible, and we have nothing to lose, so we should send him to Washington to break things.

That was basically the sales pitch for Donald Trump in 2016. It has been the sales pitch for Bernie Sanders for forever. But now everything is broken and the experience turned out to be not much fun. I suspect that a majority of voters are going to want someone who promises to put things back together—someone who represents a yearning to return to normal.

This does not mean that I particularly approve of Amy Klobuchar’s agenda. She is, after all, a Democrat, and I disagree profoundly with her on issues such as gun control and global warming—just as I do with Biden. But we’re living in an era of lowered expectations.

I am not looking for someone who could be a great president. That seems like too much to ask for, and we literally do not deserve it. But under the current circumstances, I would be thrilled to have a president—or at least a president-in-waiting—who is normal and is promising a return to normal.

“Normal” wasn’t exactly a utopia, but it looks a whole lot better when you haven’t been there for a while.