The big debate: Is lockdown wrong?

My point, less glibly stated, is that this is not as much of an either/or proposition as the skeptics would have it: Obey the public health Nazis/or turn the economy back on. People will turn off the economy all by themselves when they feel there’s a decent chance they might get infected and/or die. As we’ve already seen from the near-empty malls in wide-open states.

As for co-morbidities? Two of the three leading co-morbidities named in COVID-designated deaths are obesity and hypertension. That’s right: fat people with high blood pressure. Guess what? That describes half of America. Almost literally. Nearly 40 percent of Americans are considered clinically obese. And about 46 percent of adults have high blood pressure. Probably more, now that at least one out of every five adults are currently unemployed.

As for COVID being an old person’s disease, ask your own fine Prime Minister (who I’m actually a big fan of) about that. It nearly killed him. And he’s 55, not 85. With no known underlying conditions, unless randiness and dipsomania count.