The wreckage of summer

For starters, Memorial Day ceremonies throughout the country are being cancelled. That includes the 2020 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. — which is being replaced by a pre-recorded TV special on the major networks.

Lots of Memorial Day sporting events won’t be happening, either. Axios’ Jeff Tracy notes that people will miss the fun of running around all day in the yard and then watching the NBA conference championships at night — or the Indy 500 (which has been moved to late August)…

Vacations and travel are likely to be way down — at least for a while. The tourism industry is already taking a big hit, tour companies are cancelling guided tours around the world, and AAA says it isn’t even making a travel forecast for this Memorial Day given all of the uncertainty.
Summer camps are shutting down, unable to make social distancing work. The closures are threatening their survival and depriving kids of the summer adventures they look forward to all year — and leaving stressed-out parents without a break.