Hipsters are coughing up $300 for bespoke coronavirus face masks

While a majority of Tiefenbrun’s orders are for the $50 versions of the face covering, Tiefenbrun also offers up a deluxe $300 option, hand-stitched and custom-designed using exclusive patterns that require a Skype session to design.

Tiefenbrun, a New York native who was raised in London, became a rabbi in Singapore — but a second calling came after he studied at the Savile Row Academy. He went on to become a celebrated tailor back in New York City, and was the subject of a gushing GQ profile this past September. Three and a half years after launching his namesake business, he went from being at the top of his game with a team of six staffers at his East Williamsburg atelier to coming to a halt when the pandemic struck.

“We were having our peak as we were going into this time,” he says. “We went two months pretty much without suit sales . . . We said, ‘OK, we can wait, and keep it shut.’ ”